The KOLOA Shirt

Out Now.

Ethically made in Australia.

About Farm Gypsy

This is me, I'm a "Farm Gypsy". I used to travel the world for many years, taking my work as a self employed marketing expert on the road, working from motels and coffee shops. I had a nomadic lifestyle, never had many possessions. This all changed when I met my husband and my gypsy self turned into a very grounded country girl. I now live on 100 acres in northern NSW, Australia, with my family, a dog and 52 chickens. I love farm life but I'm a gypsy at heart and every once in a while I have to go back on the road in search of a new adventure.

Fashion for Tall Women made in Australia

I started Farm Gypsy because as a tall woman of 178cm (5'10) I found it hard to find clothing that fit. I was especially struggling with tops. Most of them had too short arms and a too short torso. I decided to make my own clothes and to make these clothes available to other women too. My aim is to create timeless, feminine and unique garments for tall women.

If ethical production and premium quality is important to you, you will love to hear that all Farm Gypsy garments are designed and made in Australia. I'm working with excellent local pattern makers, graders, cutters and tailors with decades of experience and a keen eye for detail.